I'm Delilah and I'm a content creator in Tokyo, Japan, and I live here with my amazing partner. Born in New York, I am used to creating my own path and attended a cyber charter school for high school. Then, upon graduation, I followed my dreams and moved across the globe to discover the world and myself. I've since studied art in Italy, written and edited for Japanese and international companies, drawn illustrations for a business magazine, and created content for a travel startup. Now I freelance doing what I love.

Content Creator in Tokyo

Content is more than just words and pictures on a page, it’s a brand’s identity. And with a strong identity, brands can better connect and grow.

That’s why I believe in creating high-quality content. As a content creator in Tokyo, I help brands communicate with engaging visuals and copy. With my clients, I work to create and clarify a voice and image their audience trusts. After that’s established, I continue to help my clients with all their content needs.

I’ve worked in print and online media about a variety of topics. Interested in working together? Let’s chat: mail@fleurdelilah.com

Quality Content Made For You

fleurdelilah content creator in Tokyo write


Written content is the foundation of your brand’s voice and identity. I research the topic and write in a style that speaks to your audience.

fleurdelilah content creator in Tokyo edit


In addition to checking grammar and spelling, I ensure a consistent voice and tone throughout. This creates an authentic voice.

fleurdelilah content creator in Tokyo photograph


Articles with images get more views, and consumers trust businesses that use images. I take photos in order to improve your brand image.

fleurdelilah content creator in Tokyo illustrate


Stylized imagery is captivating and engaging. I create illustrations that creatively convey your message in work like infographics and pamphlets.

You can see some of my various works featured on: