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Welcome to fleurdelilah, a luxury travel and expat lifestyle blog. Here you’ll discover where to go with luxury travel inspiration, find out what to eat with fine dining recommendations, and get advice on expat life and moving abroad from yours truly.

I’m Delilah and I’m a content creator living in Tokyo, Japan with my amazing partner. Born in New York, I followed my dreams and moved across the globe after high school to explore the world and find myself. With fleurdelilah, I hope to inspire and help you to create your luxury life.

luxury travel and food

On fleurdelilah, you’ll find the best in luxury travel and food. Looking for a place to eat in New York? Have brunch at Joseph Leonard. Need somewhere to stay in Myanmar? Try the Loft Hotel. Want to experience a luxury ryokan in Japan? Visit Shima Onsen.

And if you’re thinking about staying in a home rental in Japan, here’s what you need to know before booking an Airbnb.

moving abroad and expat life

Traveling abroad and moving abroad are completely different things. On fleurdelilah, I share with you the what it’s like to live in a completely different country and offer advice on those thinking or planning a move of their own. To start off, here are 11 things to know about expat life in Tokyo and 13 things I love about living in Japan.

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