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Tapas Molecular Bar: Don’t Believe Everything You See

As someone who loves trying new foods, I’ve always been interested in molecular gastronomy. In case you didn’t know, molecular gastronomy is the science of cooking. And typically, molecular gastronomy is used to describe a style of cuisine where chefs use lab tools and ingredients to create new or reinvent existing culinary dishes. We’ve tried a lot of different cuisines in the past but hadn’t tried molecular gastronomy. So, for my birthday earlier this year, my husband booked Tapas Molecular Bar Tokyo.

Tapas Molecular Bar

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Located on the 38th floor of the Mandarin Oriental Tokyo, Tapas Molecular Bar offers a night of culinary entertainment. Tapas isn’t your typical Tokyo fine dining restaurant — it’s the only molecular gastronomy Michelin star restaurant in the city.

Seeing Isn’t Always Believing

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tapas molecular bar duck leg cigar with sesame ash

tapas molecular bar cappuccino mushroom soup

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tapas molecular bar lamb curry and chutney side

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Don’t expect a typical night at Tapas Molecular Bar. From the moment you’e seated, you enter the creative realm of the chefs. They’ll guide you on a culinary journey that feels part-science, part-magic, and 100 percent delicious.

The restaurant serves one set menu made up of small, tapas-sized dishes.  And while this set menu changes throughout the year, some key dishes we had were the Iberico pork cigar and the mushroom soup cappuccino. Both of these dishes were fun, creative, and used the ingredients in a new way.

Visit Tapas Molecular Bar

tapas molecular bar chocolates and macarons with origami crane

Tapas Molecular Bar serves dinner at 18:00 and 20:30 every day and lunch at 13:00 on weekends. With only eight seats, this restaurant books quickly and advanced reservations are required. Children age 12 and over may attend.

Address: Mandarin Oriental Tokyo 38F, 2-1-1 Nihonbashi Muromachi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo



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