fleurdelilah the crescent restaurant main dish

The Crescent: Beautiful French Food and Beautiful Ambience

What’s your favorite type of food? A simple question used to break the ice in many awkward situations. Despite the simplicity, I’ve always struggled to answer this—I love all kinds of food! But, when it comes to a special occasion meal, I often crave French or Italian. Perhaps it’s because ‘fois gras’ sounds super fancy or just that classic Lady and the Tramp spaghetti scene was true #relationshipgoals, but French and Italian are always perfect—especially for any romantic occasion. So, to celebrate our anniversary in fall, my partner and I dined at The Crescent.

From Antiques to Amuse-Bouches

fleurdelilah the crescent restaurant main dish

The Crescent wasn’t always an upscale restaurant

Located in Shibakoen, The Crescent is an exclusive two Michelin star French restaurant. But it didn’t start out that way. In 1947, a small shop called Mikazuki—Japanese for crescent moon—opened selling antiques. A decade later, the space was expanded and became Restaurant Crescent. Then in 1957, to commemorate 20 years since its original opening, construction of the current building began. The building was completed in 1968 and The Crescent as we know it opened its doors.

An Old World Atmosphere

fleurdelilah the crescent restaurant french michelin tokyo menu

The Crescent exudes luxury

From the outside, The Crescent is a Victorian-style building. Inside the restaurant is just as grand, with marble floors and rich wood trim. Staff dressed in crisp tuxedos escort guests to the main dining room located on the second floor. Ornate dish ware with red and gold accents dress the table, as well as a single red rose. Windows emphasize the gorgeous view of Tokyo Tower shining brightly across the street.

Cooked with Love

fleurdelilah the crescent restaurant french michelin tokyo shrimp lobster

Which way is your favorite—boiled, grilled, or raw (tartare)?

Chef Takashi Isogai describes the menu as high quality French fare cooked with love to bring out only the best flavors. And rightly so. Each dish is thoughtfully planned out to feature the unique flavors of each ingredient. One of the first dishes served crustaceans three ways, highlighting the nuances in flavor that are brought out when using different methods.

fleurdelilah the crescent restaurant french michelin tokyo compression de tomate tomato

The compression de tomate is the specialty at The Crescent

The Crescent house specialty is the compression de tomate. A vibrant red jelly-like block, slice it open to reveal pristine layers of mousse and tartare. These three components celebrate the acidity and sweetness of tomatoes in one beautifully innovative dish.

Bon Appétit at The Crescent

fleurdelilah the crescent restaurant french michelin tokyo dessert macarons

Macarons to end a meal of utter sophistication

Reservations are required at The Crescent. And booking must be done at least three days in advance if reserving online. At the time of booking, you will need to give your order and notify of any food restrictions. The restaurant has four set menus (ranging from around JPY20,000 to JPY33,000) to choose from for dinner and one set menu (JPY13,000) for lunch. Groups larger than two need to get the same menu, and those with children need to reserve one of the private dining rooms. The dress code is ‘elegant casual’ (jackets are recommended for men).  Management asks guests not to take photos in the main dining room.

Address: Crescent House, 1-8-20 Shibakoen, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Telephone: +81-3-3436-3211


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